Gods at War Rating and reviews

Can you make it through the Gods’ War?

In the War of Gods slot machine, you’ll visit Ancient Greece and meet the legendary Greek gods Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus, who are brothers. Following the defeat of the titans, the brothers cast lots to determine their respective territories. Zeus was given the sky, Poseidon the ocean, and Hades the underworld.

Red Tiger Gaming has done an excellent job of capturing the sibling rivalry on a five-reel, four-row reel grid where the gods will meet to settle their differences. The War of Gods is a potent slot machine available for as little as C$0.10. It may be played on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. There is a cap of C$20 for high rollers to join the virtual excursion.

You can earn up to 3,000 times your initial wager thanks to the game’s expanding reels and upgraded symbols, and the RTP is a reasonable 95.66%.

Powerful Symbols

The War of Gods Slot is based on a Greek myth in which three divine brothers fight each other on a 5×4 reel grid. The gods of the Greek pantheon—Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon—make appearances on the reels and display their divine powers. There are 30 paylines available, and a winning combination consists of three or more identical symbols anywhere on the screen.

Spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts are the lower-value icons. The premium emblems, which will include parchment, a hunting horn, a shield, and a warrior’s helmet, will be more thematic in appearance. However, the gods Zeus and Hades appear to award the largest rewards and activate additional features, so look for those symbols. It’s surprising there isn’t a Wild symbol, given how many awesome icons are on the paytable.

Features from Outer Space

The War of Gods video slot has three different but equally lucrative additional features: the Wrath of Zeus, the Hellfire from Hades, and the Warring Gods.

Zeus’s Fury

When the Wrath of Zeus feature is triggered by landing 1×2 Zeus symbols on reels 1 and 5, the symbols grow to span the whole reels. After that, you’ll receive many Respins with blanks, Shield, and Zeus symbols filling the reels. During the bonus round, if you land a Shield symbol, the value of up to three Zeus symbols will be multiplied by a huge amount. The payoff is determined by the number of Zeus symbols still in play after all Respins have concluded.

Hell’s Fire Scene from Hades

Similar to the Zeus function, Hades’ Hellfire is terrifying. Hades icons must appear on reels 1 and 5 to trigger the bonus round. They plan to grow, and the Respin process will begin. Shield symbols dropped in during the feature, however, will enlarge the reels itself rather than the symbols on them. With each new iteration, the potential number of payout lines rises. Seven reels and six symbols maximum, with 60 possible ways to win. When no more Shield or Hades symbols appear on the reels, the bonus round ends.

The Gods Go to War

The Warring Gods Feature is the result of merging the two preceding ones. To accomplish this, you must line up Zeus and Hades symbols on reels one and five at the same time. Paylines can be increased to a maximum of 60, and the reel grid can grow to a size of 7×6. A win of 100 times your bet is possible if you get all three symbol upgrades and all four expanding symbols. When no more Zeus or Hades symbols emerge, the bonus round will end.

Beautiful Visuals and Intense Music

The War of Gods slot machine takes you on a 5×4 grid into the world of ancient Greek mythology, where you can rub shoulders with some legendary gods. The game takes place in an underground cauldron of flames and crumbling columns. Zeus sends lightning from the heavens, while Sisyphus carries a boulder on his back as they fight it out in the backdrop. The players are drawn further into the game by the appropriately themed music, and the final product is impressive.

No Limits Here

Players of all budgetary stripes will find something to like in the War of Gods slot machine. While first-class tickets to Ancient Greece might cost up to C$20, the game can be played for as little as C$0.10. The War of Gods features a relatively low return to player percentage (95.66%) but exciting volatility. The gods of war will do battle on the reels, with the winner receiving a reward of up to 3000 times their initial wager.






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